Insurance Options

iA Dealer Services, a division of Industrial Alliance, markets lifestyle protection solutions to customers through dealerships and financial institutions. Since creating the market in 1963, iA Dealer Services has been relied upon as dealer development specialists. Known for product innovation and customization, iA Dealer Services’s products are there when you need them most.

iA Dealer Services has built its leadership position in the market for creditor group insurance distributed through motor vehicle dealers by forging new territory - from pioneering the computerization of the business office to customizing product solutions for clients. Click here to download iA Dealer Services's Companion Maxum brochure.

Loan Payment Protection

iA Dealer Services's creditor’s group insurance, also known as loan payment protection, is one of the most comprehensive plans of its kind. The best way to achieve peace of mind is to plan ahead. So it's good to know that the insurance coverage you choose will reduce the financial impact of life's unexpected challenges, on you and your loved ones, should anything happen to you.

Critical Illness coverage - If you are to become diagnosed with a covered condition, critical illness coverage provides a lump sum payment that will pay off the insured portion of your loan. A 'living life' benefit, critical illness insurance is designed to eliminate the financial strain of the loan, giving you the freedom to focus on getting well.

Life Insurance coverage - If you were to suffer a fatal injury or illness, life coverage will pay off the insured portion of your loan. This means that your family can keep the asset and not have the strain of heavy monthly loan payments.

Disability and Loss of Employment coverage - If you become disabled and unable to work, the disability coverage will take care of your insured monthly loan payments, allowing you to focus on getting better and back to work. You can choose the type of disability plan (accident and sickness or accidental disability plus loss of employment coverage), and the length of the waiting period that works best for you and your budget.