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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

June 28, 2017

What a glorious country we live in, filled with vast lakes, endless forests, miles of riding trails, too many fishing spots to count, thousands of spectacular campgrounds and so many trails to explore by dirt bike, ATV, snowmobile or by foot. As Canadians we are privileged beyond belief. With this summer in full swing, have you thought about how you are going to get out and explore this vast country? What will you do to celebrate our beautiful country?

Perhaps you would like to get off the dock and take your fishing further out onto one of our vast lakes, waterways and inlets, brush up on your waterskiing, wakeboarding and surfing skills or check out the delight on your son or daughter’s face when they master that latest move they have been working on, right in front of your eyes. Perhaps you would like to cruise along in your new pontoon, bow rider or cruiser, taking in the sights and maybe throwing down an anchor every now and then to stop and enjoy the sights.

Perhaps you would like to hook up your new trailer or RV and hit the road, seeking out new sights and experiences. You might pack the bicycles or canoe on top and head to one of our many campgrounds for time spent in nature. You might just want to relax on a hill or by the water, with a good book until nightfall when you and your loved ones gather together to roast marshmallows by the fire.

Perhaps you want to fire up your new ATV and feel the wind on your face, as you ride to conquer the many trails leading through the forest or fields.

Perhaps you want to board your new personal watercraft and head out to tour the many inlets, coves and streams that the bigger boats cannot manage. Or perhaps, once summer is over and winter arrives again - as it always does in Canada - you might want to embark on your new snowmobile and traverse some of many frozen lakes or trails all across this amazing country.

Whatever way you choose to explore Canada during its 150th Birthday Year, remember Homebrook Financial Group along with our large group of leisure retailers, are here to help you make your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Canada!

What is the best way to finance my boat?

July 15, 2015

What is the best way to finance my Boat, RV, Travel Trailer, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile or ATV you ask? It is a commonly known fact that there are many advantages to financing your purchase directly through the dealership that partners with Homebrook Financial Group, because we are one of Ontario's leading recreational lending specialists.

Why you ask?

First of all, financing Boats, RV's, Travel Trailers, Personal Watercrafts, Snowmobiles or ATV's are all we do!

Second, we have access to the banks in an area that consumers are not able to tap into without using our services. These Boat, RV, Travel Trailer, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile or ATV loan departments offer both fixed and variable rate loans with amortizations of up to 20 years. The benefits to you are lower payments, which can be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly according to your preference. At the same time most of the loans that we set up are fully open with no penalty for early repayment. And the best news of all, only your new Boat, RV, Travel Trailer, Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile or ATV will be used as collateral, leaving your other assets free and clear.

You may want to check out a great article I found on the Discover Boating webpage at:


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